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Paulina's Esoteric Exchange

Welcome to my banner exchange. Please read the rules and if your site qualifies, please join!

1. No adult sites. Period. Your site must be for a WAHM business or for a family audience, with a G rating. Sites preferred: WAHM, WAHM promotional, craft product or related, craft or online shop based traffic exchanges, medieval, Renaissance, magick, paranormal, celtic, faery, pagan, wiccan, fantasy. Sites will be accepted at my discretion. No get-rich-quick offers, MLM, safelists, email programs, ebooks, adult toys, etc. I will also include sites (who haven't applied) that I think are exceptional. I want sites that are interesting and offer something to the surfer, being it content or products. If I add you after you've applied, you will receive an email from me. =)
2. No profanity, hate or discrimination of any kind.
3. You must put the code on your entrance or splash page, how else can you receive hits?
4. Keep the code up even if you are on hiatus.
5. All banners must be 468x60. No exceptions. If you need a banner made, just send me your url, site name & email addy.
6. No broken image links!! I will delete sites that are broken for more than 1 week. You can email me if there is a problem. If you are on a freeserver (Geocites, Angelfire, etc.) that does not allow direct linking, email me and I will host your banner for you. Or get an image account at: Village Photos, Walagata, Photobucket

Copy & paste this code to your MAIN page before joining:

It should look like this:

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