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Hello! Merry meet and greetings to all.
I live in Ohio and have been a web designer for 9 years and a creative faery all my life. :P I love attending The Great Lakes Medieval Faire and FaerieCon USA, so I've learned to make flower headpieces for myself. I will make them for anyone who orders one. For Spring, Parties, Faery Festivals, May Day, Medieval Faires, Wiccan or pagan festivals, these are lovely & affordable.

I use light weight black/brown comfortable plastic headbands with holes in them, Reindeer Moss, hot glue, floral wire, silk flowers and leaves. I have all kinds of plastic beads in many sizes & colors; pastels to dark, sparkly to iridescent. The headpieces are pretty and are liberally sprayed with gold glitter or opal finish so they shimmer as all faery things should. I've provided pictures to show my style and what I can do. (I have lots of autumn leaves left.) I will add more pictures as I make headpieces. Thank you for your interest. =)

Wishing you faery dust, Please put Faery Headband as the subject

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These are not toys, these are hand made decorations. If you expect them to last, keep them in a closed box or plastic bag with holes in it or both. Handle them with care and don't pull the headband too far apart or it will snap in two. Please remember to specify 'Adult' or "Child' when ordering so I get the fit right. Not intended for children under 6 or people who could be in danger of choking on the beads.

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I bought the blue butterfly wings for $2 in a Goodwill store. I got the black wings from Pyramid Collection for $33 and I paid $55 for the yellow ones at the The Great Lakes Medieval Faire. I added the foliage and beads myself because I didn't like the bare patch of cloth in the middle of my back. It screamed out for decoration. :P I'd love to learn how to make them as I have so many faery looks I'd love to try. There are gorgeous gossamer wings worn by the fae at FaerieCon USA which I am attending Oct. 10-12, 2008.

My newest pair. I added all the gems and flowers onto the pre-made frame. Aren't they pretty? They will go with just about any outfit. I will never pay $55 at the faire again, that's for sure. I'm on a budget. lol

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